Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things I Have Learned

Hi kitties and beans. Here I am in my new forever home. Now you can see what I look like after my surgeries. You can understand why I was worried about getting to go home with some good beans. It will take a while for my coat to grow back and then I will be one suave and debonair mancat! One thing I have learned: I like having my picture taken. All the better for you to see my mancatliness in all its glory.

Other things I have learned:

1. It is small leap up onto the kitchen counter - where food is prepared.

2. It is an even smaller leap to the top of the dining table - where food is eaten!

3. I am not supposed to be on top of the kitchen counter or the dining table.

4. Every sound of a can being opened sounds like it must have cat food inside.

5. In my opinion, every can being opened does have cat food inside.

6. In the beans' opinion, #5 is not true.

7. I like all kinds of cat toys, especially the feather toy.

8. I like my cat tree. Here you can see me sitting in it and looking at my back yard. I love looking at my back yard. I am practicing running to the back door, so when it opens, I can escape.

9. The V-E-T told me today that it would be immoral for me to escape and go outside because I am sick and might make other kitties sick if I had a fight with them. I still want to go outside. The beans say, NO!

10. I will look at other kitty blogs and see what it looks like outdoors at your places so I don't want to run outside so much.


  1. Jackpot, you've learned a lot! And your fur will grow back quickly! When I adopted Chumley, my first cat companion, he was dirty and matted and needed to be shaved. Didn't matter one whit; he was a big teddy bear of a cat, an absolute sweetie. He liked having his picture taken too, and would pose for the camera.

    I think your humans are very lucky to have found you, you are a splendid example of Mancat-ness!

  2. Oh, Jackpot, it's so good to see you with loving parents after the tough time you've had in life...You have such a handsome face and that fur will grow back in no time!...We look forward to being your friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Jackpot, our mom says she wants to kiss your big handsome face!!

    We aren't suppose to be on the counters and the table either...but that doesn't stop us...and we bet it won't stop you either!!

  4. We get yelled at too for counter jumpings and meowing at canopeners... is no fair. We hopes you are feelings much betters and grow your new furs in, hey less lickings to do till then =^_^= purrs2u

  5. jack,
    fer yer infermashun ... da fur growz back. i know dis frum da eksperience uv havin a woond or two inflicted by dat stoopid kitten joba. i am hansumer now dan i wuz den.
    u will havva back uv fabyoolus fur sooner dan u think
    i will dedicate mi owtside time to u.
    i wood be drivin mi mom an dad crazy if i cooden't go owt.
    jus sayin.

  6. Hey Jackpot, we don't want to go back out side, it's scary out there. We just enjoy window whiffs when it's warm enough.

  7. Jackpot, you ARE debonair with or without your furs!!! Our furcousin Cookie ( had a cancerous lump at the base of his tail! His tail was removed and he also has a shaved butt!! heehee He is much happier too :) You are going to love your new home SO much!! We just know you will be spoiled. For the record...all cans DO have cat food in them ;)

    Did you know that Mr Hendrix also has FIV?
    He is an indoor kitty that is also doing very well. He even has a new blurp that he is training,hahahahaha
    Enjoy your view Jackpot. It is great looking out from the comfort of inside. Trust me, I've been going it for 16 years!
    Purrs Mickey

  8. Jackpot, you are lucky that you didn't have your back furs - because that way you know you are getting good people who can look past that stuff! And we think you should stay inside, not so much for the outside kitties, but for yourself - they are way more likely to make you sick then you are to make them sick! And we want you to be healthy for a very very long time! We are all indoor kitties and we think it is great - warm, lots of food and toys, people to give you scritches, lots of great places to nap - you really can't beat it!

  9. Jackpot, from those 10 statements we can tell you are a wise cat in addition to being strikingly handsome. We are glad to know you have a home that is worthy of you!

  10. Alas, we're not allowed out either and must be content to view the outside from the inside. Nice perch you have there, Jackpot.

  11. Furs grow back and love is forever! You've found the perfect home - we are so happy for you!

  12. Awww look so wonderful!!! We don't go outside either and it isn't so bad. Meowm keeps thinking about getting us a stroller, but she hasn't done it yet. Maybe your humans will get you one!

  13. Wow Jackpot, yoor looking good. Already starting to heal and effurything. We (Sadie and Speedy) prefer to stay inside or go out in our screen porch dat mom calls a pop-open dog kennel. Zippy goes outside on a leash! Yeah, like a woofie:o

  14. Don't worry abowt the furs, they will grow back in no time at all. And yoo are really handsome even now!