Thursday, March 11, 2010

Terror Tabby Thursday

I am a big, giant wildcat! I can crawl through my cat tree in mere seconds because my mancat legs are so strong and my paws are so big! I can scratch my cat tree just like a jungle tiger with my big mancat claws! I could also scratch the big palm tree outside the back door if the beans would let me!!!! I am so big and wild that the neighbor cats just sit on the fence at the end of the yard and cower in fear of my wild mancatliness.

Here is another example of what a good wildcat I am. I captured this giant green mousie. He is all mine now. This picture shows what giant mancat paws I have.

One reason I am such a wildcat is because I have decided it is my job to guard the Food Lady Bean. When she is sitting on the couch, I sit next to her and stare at the front door, just in case she needs me to protect her from interloper beans. I can also show my giant wildcat paw to anyone who tries to take the television devices away from her. For some reason, the Food Dude Bean seems to disagree with this situation. One day soon he may have to deal with the Paw of Respect!


  1. We're sure the food lady is very happy to have such a wildcat like you to protect her and to make sure she keeps the television device!

    (pee ess. and it looks like your furs are growing back! Yay!)

  2. Jackpot, you are being a sweet wildcat to guard the Food Lady; we know she appreciates it!...You are looking good, you handsome wild mancat!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Jackpot, you obviously are a superior specimen of giant wild, mancatliness! What a terrific Guard Cat you are, protecting your food lady!

  4. You are a good protector Jackpot!!!!!

  5. Wow Jackpot! I gots lots to learn from you as a big man-wild-cat. I will protect mine food-lady-bean just like you.

    Also, its warm and snuggly nappig in her lap at TV time.

    Yer Pal, Milton

  6. Wow that is awesome that you are such a big wildcat - and your paws are awesome! It is great that you protect the food lady bean and the tv remote too!