Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Nice Day in the Neighborhood

Hi kitties and beans! I like to sit and look at my cat kingdom from my house and my back deck. The Food Dude and Food Lady let me sit on the deck and lounge with them sometimes. But that is as far as I get to go. Here is what I see on a nice day in my neighborhood: Bernalwood!

  Here I am enjoying the sun on my deck. And some purple toesies!

 When I sit on the deck, I am a fierce mancat and I protect my beans from anyone or any animal who might want to disturb them.

  If you take a look at Bernalwood, you will see that they have lots of dogs on the blog. They even have a dog correspondent or king or something. Don't you think Bernalwood needs a cat correspondent? I can report on all the animal and bird activity around my house. This is an important job and I am applying for it! Jackpot the Cat & Correspondent. That sounds good.


  1. Jackpot, your Kingdome is beautiful. We bet no one would dare to invade it with such a big, strong mancat in residence. Will you be starting your own newspaper?

    Oliver & Gerry

  2. Hi ya, Jackpot! That's a great Kingdom you have!! What a view!! And we think you would be an excellent cat correspondent!! They wouldn't dare turn down your application!!


  3. Ah, life is good, Jackpot. The view is very nice. We are glad you have so much to be thankful for.

  4. Hey there, Jackpot! You live in a very cool place that deserves a very cool Cat Correspondent. I think you fit the bill! Good luck on your reportage.

  5. Jackpot
    We love the view you have from up high. That is really great.