Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet Chester!

 Meet Chester. He's a cat. This is a nice side view of Chester as he walks down his sidewalk. Isn't he handsome? The beans tell me he is my new friend.

Here's another picture of Chester. He is a famous cat in his town. Chester lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. He sits outside and his admirers come to visit him. My beans made a special trip to Wisconsin just to admire Chester.  Chester does not want to be bothered by celebrity photographers so we are going to keep his hometown a secret. But if you ever go to Wisconsin, pay close attention, because you (or your beans) might get a chance to meet The Famous and Beloved Chester. Hi Chester - here's a paw across the continent!


  1. oh Chester u am soo handsome... Me amz in loves!

    Bootsie Woo.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to Chester, Jackpot! He looks like a nice kitty!! We wonder where he lives in Wisconsin...maybe our humans will have to go there and find out!!

  3. Hey, Jackpot! My first visit and I like your blog. It's nice of you to introduce us to Chester, quite the mancat in his smoky grey and white furs..We'll be reading some older posts so we get to know you, too!

    Have a good weekend!


  4. hmmmm, we are intrigued by Chester! Now we have to go and see if we can find out more about him!

  5. Chester is a handsome mancat and we're sure he's an excellent ambassador for his town. How neat your beans got to meet him.