Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Baaacccckkk!!!!

  Hello everybody and every cat. Here I am in all my glorious mancatness. I am enjoying my life with my beans. I especially love the Food Dude. Sometimes I even give him a big hug with my mancat paws!

Here I am on my outside deck. I only get to go this far outside, but I love it. I am a lucky mancat! But one thing I do not understand: why don't the beans eat Purina One every day? Stupid beans. I won't touch the stuff they eat.


  1. Jackpot! Welcome back! We have missed you so much!! You are looking great!!

  2. Jackpot, dude! Great to hear from you! We're glad your life is good.

  3. I has missed my San Franfuncisco pal! Come on over for some Nip Pasghetti Sauce

  4. Jackpot! It's good to hear you are loving life! But you GOTTA try roast chikkun...really.

  5. Hi Jackpot!
    Welcome back!!!
    We are so happy to see you blogging and enjoying!

  6. Hi Jackpot!!!! Good to know your like is going so well and you are so happy!!!! That is purrfect! heehewe
    WE must say that you are looking very handsome.
    Make sure you are always #1 too!! heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  7. Looking good, Jackpot! Welcome back, dude!

  8. you haves such a handsome smile! Nice to meets u mr. Jackpot!

    Katie Kitty Too n Bootsie Woo

  9. Nice to meet you, Jackpot. And love Chester's name. He looks a lovely companion for you and I hope you will get on well.