Monday, November 22, 2010

My New Friends

Hello everyone! Here I am, on my soft spot on the big chair. I am so glad the beans had this chair waiting for me when I came to live here. Once in a while, a bean tries to sit beneath me on the big part of the chair. Uh, that is Cat Space. That person gets a whap! By the way, I haven't grown antlers. Those things that look like they are growing out of my head are flowers.

Here are pictures of a couple of new friends of mine!

This is Augie, the Incredible Champagne Drinking Yappy Dog! He was in Paris when this picture was taken. Some Giant Bean was holding him. Augie is bringing his beans over for Thanksgiving Dinner in a couple of days. His mom bean is the best friend of my Food Lady. My Food Lady says I am 1000 times bigger than Augie the Yappy Dog. She told me to sit on my cat tree and let Augie stand under me and then have fun! I am looking forward to playing tag with Augie and his beans, and all the other beans who are supposed to be here. Of course, I will be the Center of Attention!

Here is a pic of Sneaker the Tuxie Cat and Rascal the black cat. They are my neighbors! Aren't they cute? Maybe they can hear me when I broadcast Radio Jackpot!
I will be posting pictures of the good food my beans make for the big gathering. Hope all of you have happy holidays with your beans too!


  1. Hi Jackpot! How nice that Augie is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner!! We know you guys will have some fun!! And your neighbors Rascal and Sneaker look very friendly too!! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and get lots of turkey!!

  2. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and get to nom lots of turkey. You must put your paw down about anyone sitting in your big chair as a cat you must have the choice of all the seats first.
    Bye for now Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Hi Jackpot! It's nice to see you and we wish you a wonderful turkey day!

    That's a great chair, by the way. Definitely do not allow any humans on it!

  4. Wishing you the best of holidays too!

    Cute friends you have there!

  5. Hi Jackpot! Wow, you're going to have a little woofie visitor for Thankgiving. As a general rule, I do not like woofies in person, but maybe a little one would be fun to wrestle with.
    I'm very excited you're having visitors from so far away! That is so cool. I wonder if the champagne is anything like nip. I'd like to try it sometime.
    That was an exciting visit from the Animal Cops below. When that happened here, the animal cops couldn't come but the actual ones did. They um, "discharged their weapon" and took the body away. Not nearly the heroic efforts of your Animal Cops.
    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you get some turkey

  6. Augie is just as cute as can be! We are glad he will visit you and bet you have a really good time!
    Happy Thanksgiving..
    ~ Anna Sue

  7. You sure have some cute friends Jackpot! I hope you have a very, very nice Thanksgiving!

  8. Jackpot, of course it's your chair...actually everything in the house is YOURS.
    It sounds like you are going to have a wonderfully exciting Turkey Day, we're sending you our very best wishes for a spectacular day!

  9. We hope you have an awesome thanksgiving with lots of treats!