Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Radio Jackpot & Animal Cops At My House!

Ever since I declared that the Food Dude was the Best Person in the Known Universe, there have been no blog posts. This is the Food Lady's job. I whap her every day to remind her to visit my cat pals and tell the cats and beans about my amazing exploits. Maybe I need to whap her some more! Finally, here's a very important update!

Since I can't go outside, I like to sit at the back doors and talk to the kitties and other critters who visit my back yard. There are lots of kitties, squirrels, birds, mice and also racoons. At night, I often sit at the back door and broadcast Radio Jackpot to the neighborhood animals, birds, and beans. I can usually be heard chattering away for several hours in the middle of the night as my night time pals come to visit me and get the latest animal gossip. My animal friends come and tell me what is going on in their part of the neighborhood and I pass it along on Radio Jackpot. I like having this job since I can't go outside and run around with my outdoor friends.

One morning last week, I had to give a cat alert to the other animals and my beans. The beans were home for the day. One of the racoons was lying down in the back yard and it was almost 10 in the morning. This was not right because the racoons only visit at night. The beans saw the racoon get up, walk around and then fall down. Then he went and crawled in the fountain and tried to drink the water there. And then he just stayed in the fountain. The racoon shouldn't have been out in the day time and he shouldn't have been falling down. So the beans called the San Francisco Animal Cops!

The Animal Cops came over right away. There were two very, very brave women animal cops. You can see their picture at the top of this post. They saw that the racoon was sick and needed to be taken away so he could be cared for. The amazing Animal Cops spent about an hour trying to capture the sick racoon. Although Mr. Racoon was very sick, he was still very wily and did everything he could to evade capture by the very nice Animal Cops. I don't understand why he did not want to go with them. He jumped over my fence but they caught him. Then he got away and ran under my shed. Then the Animal Cops spent a lot of time trying to capture him while he was under the shed. They stuck their heads under there. They stuck poles under there. They got him out and in a giant net but he got away again! But the Animal Cops were very tenacious and courageous and strong and they captured Mr. Racoon again. This time, they kept him in the giant net (seen above - along with smiling Animal Cops) and took him away from my back yard.

I knew Mr. Racoon was not feeling good so I am glad I got some help for him. I am glad that the Animal Cops came to help. I stayed out of their way but the beans kept watching them and saying things like, "Wow, they are bad a_____!" And "I wouldn't stick my head under the shed for the racoon!"

Last of all, I watched a lot of baseball this year and I am a proud fan of the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, just like my beloved Food Dude!


  1. They were very brave, because raccoons can be nasty. We really don't want to think what happened to that poor little guy or girl afterward, though. But of course s/he couldn't be left to suffer. Maybe they take wildlife to a rescue/rehab centre? We hope that's what happened!

  2. Jackpot, what an exciting story! We hope Mister Coon got helped.
    We think you should post more often, you have GREAT stories!

  3. Jackpot! We're so happy to hear from you! What excitement you had with that raccoon! And those Animal Cop women really were brave!!

    What a fun time you are having broadcasting to all the critters in your neighborhood. We wish we could listen to you too!!

    See ya later!

  4. WOW Jackpot!!!!!!
    You have more excitement
    at your place than we do :o
    Too bad we are not close enough for Radio Jackpot ,heehee
    Good to see you keeping busy and getting spoiled!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  5. The Animal Cops sound nice and we are glad they helped Mr Raccoon. Thanks for calling to help him.

  6. What a great cat you are Jackpot! Watching out for other critters like that!! We do hope the raccoon recovered.

  7. Good to hear from you, Jackpot! We are glad there are animal cops to take care of sick raccoons. Our humans would not want that job.