Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Thanksgiving

I am sitting on my couch, waiting for all of the Thanksigiving visitors to arrive and adore me. I am hoping they will play cat toy and cat feather with me. I'm also wondering if Augie the Yappy Dog is still coming. I may be too ferocious for him.

Well, Augie the Yappy Dog did not stay home. I just cannot believe my eyes. That is why they are closed. Just a few moments after this picture was taken, I flew off the couch and chased Augie all around the house. Yes, that's right. Augie ran away from me and cried like the little yappy dog he is! I rule this house. Then I got tired of him and went downstairs. I came up later on, after dinner and some beans played feather toy with me! That was fun. Then Augie hid from me. At least he stayed away from my end of the couch. Everyone agreed that in a battle between Augie and me, I would WIN!

Here's the turkey all the beans ate. The pig approves.

Here's the home made pumpkin pie the Food Lady made. She wants you to know she roasted the pumpkin herself. No canned pumpkin in this house. But she also said the bad words when she made the crust. On the night before Thanksgiving, you can bet you will hear her grumbling, "I will never be a crust maker! Arrgh!!!" But the beans loved the pie even if the crust doesn't look perfect.

Here's the pecan tart the Food Lady made. One of the beans told her that it was the best pecan tart he'd ever eaten. This made the Food Lady very happy.
You want to know what I had for Thanksgiving Dinner? A can of Purina Pro chicken cat food. Why the beans eat turkey instead of Purina Pro chicken out of a can is a mystery to me. I got the best dinner of all!!!
Thank you for all of your Thanksgiving wishes and visits. It has been cold and stormy here. I am very happy to have this warm and loving Forever Home with good beans who fulfill my every demand.


  1. Good for you showing that woofie who's boss.

  2. Jackpot, you are totally brave and ferocious! We salute you.
    Um, have you tasted turkey? We think you might like it, a LOT!

  3. Our momma says that it is not imPAWtant what the food looks like - it's what it tastes like and the ♥ that goes into it☺

  4. Jackpot! We are so impressed that you showed that yappy woofie who rules your house!! And it sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving...that food looks nommy!!! We had ourselves a little turkey and it was really good!!

  5. Hi, handsome Jackpot, we've missed you!...We're so glad you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal and we are very impressed you showed that silly woofie who runs your house!...Our Mommy says the pie and tart look yummy!...Happy week, sweet friend...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Sounds like yoo had an awesome time ~ and yoo showed that woofie who is boss!

  7. HI Jackpot! WE have missed seeing you! We think it sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving - your dinner sounds the tastiest of all those options (though we might sample the other stuff if we had the opportunity!) We are glad you had a good time! And we agree that you could totally take Augie if you had to!