Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am I Part Jackrabbit?

See Jackrabbit. See Jackrabbit's giant hind paws! See Jackrabbit JUMP!

See Jackpot. See Jackpot's giant hind paws! See Jackpot dream of jumping on the Christmas tree..... The beans have been discussing this and they think I can't hear them. I'm taking lessons from my pal Jackrabbit, above. Hey, we even have the same name! Do you think we might be related?


  1. Adorable photo, handsome Jackpot!!...Our Mommy adores our "bunny feet" as she always calls them (says we "bunnykick" our toys a lot), so we think you might be up to something on being related to the Jackrabbit=her name finally makes sense to us :)...Hope you enjoy those Christmas tree climbing dreams, sweetie; don't forget about Santa and the gifts=we know you've been a good boy!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. We see the resemblance, Jackpot!! And we bet those giant paws of yours will help you jump on that tree! Our tree is up but not decorated yet because we love to whap the, we mean ornaments off of it!!

  3. We bet you could jump like that, Jackpot, with those bunny-like feet you have!

    Our mom says to tell your mom and dad to put a tree up if they like, but make sure they anchor it to the wall or ceiling (ours is tied to a ceiling plant hook)...just in case you do decide to tree-climb. :-P

  4. Who's to say? There are a lot of things in the genetic mix of an American Shorthair!

    As for the tree, I advise against jumping on it. Humans frown upon these types of antics and you may end up without a present from Santa!! Remember, he's always watching.


  5. I bet you have the Jack Rabbit Spirit!! I don't know if you should tackle the tree just yet, wait until New Years at least!

    Purrs, your Sumac friends

  6. Jackpot, you are way too good looking to be a jackrabbit!!! You have way cool back feets though ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie