Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Escaped!

Hahaha! The beans had a window open just a tiny, tiny bit. They saw me on the window sill, looking outside at these pretty flowers in my yard. Sometimes I see neighborhood kitties over here too. The beans called me down from the window and closed it even more. But then I did a magic trick! I jumped back up on the window sill. The Food Lady Bean was getting a drink of water and I just squeezed through the little opening and jumped down!!! Uh, it was a lot farther down than I thought. The Food Lady Bean ran outside and the Food Dude Bean ran to the door closest to me to let me in. First I tried to jump back up inside the house through the window. But it was very, very far and I could not leap that high. Then I cried for a few seconds and got scared. Then I went inside where the Food Dude Bean had opened the door.

Here I am contemplating my escape. I think I will stay inside for a while.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Joyful Jackpot

Do I look like a happy mancat?

Have you ever noticed my big mancat paws and claws? Aren't they pawsome?!!

I love the feather toy. Sometimes the beans leave it hanging from a chair at night. Then, in the morning, they find it in a totally new place! I am Master of the feather toy.