Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Like Pillows & Guido's Mom

Sometimes the Food Dude will lie on the floor. He has a nice set up with a plastic thingie underneath, and two pillows. He also has the cable television control within reach. He warms it up for me. As soon as he gets up, I run over and sit on the pillows. The Food Dude is a good bean. He knows how to take care of a fantastic Mancat like me! I love this warm pillow spot.

Today the US played in the World Cup. The US lost. But I won - as I should - I am Jackpot the Cat, after all. I won because Guido's mom came to visit and she gave me great scratches, brought me peacock feathers and special nip, and gave me lots of attention. I hope she comes back soon.
As you can see, she made me very happy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Daily Whap

Welcome to my Cat Tree! I have located it in the perfect place: where I can keep watch on the back yard if I face one direction, and where I can keep an eye on the beans from the other direction. But the best part of the location of my Cat Tree is that I get to give the Food Lady The Daily Whap! She has to walk by me every morning as she gets ready to start her day. So I've started giving her a daily whap with one of my big man paws every morning. I don't use my claws. I just give her a love whap. It is sort of a game - for me. She says, "No daily whap today." I just wait til a few minutes later and I get her then!! Haha. I am slowly bending all beans who are in this household to my will.