Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Is A Cat Toy!

Look at the big green tree that the beans put inside the house for me to play with! I am checking it out. Hmmm.

The tree smells good! It passes the Jackpot smell test.

Oh, the Food Dude is doing something to the tree. If the Food Dude is involved with the tree, I approve!

The beans are staring at the tree and giving it a lot of attention. I better sit right in front of it.

There are packages under the tree now. The beans are excited about the packages. I will sit under the tree so they will be excited about me too. It is nice and warm under the tree.

Ah yes, this is a good place for a cat. The beans think I am just napping under the tree. Actually, I am checking out the hanging things to see which one I should whap. So many choices!

Now I am walking away from the tree so the beans think I don't care about all the whapping toys I have identified.

Hahaha! I found the best whap toy of all. The beans came home and found me whapping this toy around. This whap toy was hanging on the tree. They call him Santa. I got Santa off the tree all by myself and taught him a lesson. Nothing on the tree is safe from my paws!

Oops. Santa is dead on the floor now. I whapped him up, down, and all around. Santa is just a cat toy now. I like the green tree and all the hanging toys. Christmas is for cats! Merry Christmas to all the cats and beans!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

House of Sads

Today I am having the Sads. The whole house has the Sads. The Food Dude has the Sads. The Food Lady has the Gigantic Sads. Her eyes have been leaking all day. It is a sads time.

We are all having The Sads because one of the most famous and best cats in the entire universe had to go to the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago - Rocky the Gutter Cat. I did not know Rocky personally but my beans did and they loved him very, very much. That is why they have the leaky eyes. They told me I wouldn't have a blog if not for Rocky. So I am feeling sad along with them.

The beans told me that Rocky was the very special friend of Halloween The Cat. This is a picture of Halloween. She lived in this house before me and she was here for many years. The beans loved her very, very much too. Sometimes I can smell her around the house. Halloween was one of Rocky's spicy vixens. Halloween went to the Bridge a while before I came to live here. Rocky and Halloween were so close, so the beans have the Sads thinking about Halloween too. But they told me Halloween was waiting right on the other side of the Bridge to welcome Rocky and take good care of him. Here is a picture of Halloween taken at Christmas last year. She was a very pretty cat. She talked alot. She is talking in this picture!

This is Halloween sleeping under last year's Christmas tree. The beans were going to use this picture for a Christmas card this year but the Food Lady said it would make her miss Halloween too much if she had to sign her name on lots and lots of cards and see her missing kitty under the tree. So instead we will have her on the blog and everyone can remember what a sweet cat she was. I am having the sads along with the beans, but tomorrow I will try to make them happy beans again. I hope you will stop by Rocky's blog if you haven't already and let his family know you share their sorrow.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am I Part Jackrabbit?

See Jackrabbit. See Jackrabbit's giant hind paws! See Jackrabbit JUMP!

See Jackpot. See Jackpot's giant hind paws! See Jackpot dream of jumping on the Christmas tree..... The beans have been discussing this and they think I can't hear them. I'm taking lessons from my pal Jackrabbit, above. Hey, we even have the same name! Do you think we might be related?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Thanksgiving

I am sitting on my couch, waiting for all of the Thanksigiving visitors to arrive and adore me. I am hoping they will play cat toy and cat feather with me. I'm also wondering if Augie the Yappy Dog is still coming. I may be too ferocious for him.

Well, Augie the Yappy Dog did not stay home. I just cannot believe my eyes. That is why they are closed. Just a few moments after this picture was taken, I flew off the couch and chased Augie all around the house. Yes, that's right. Augie ran away from me and cried like the little yappy dog he is! I rule this house. Then I got tired of him and went downstairs. I came up later on, after dinner and some beans played feather toy with me! That was fun. Then Augie hid from me. At least he stayed away from my end of the couch. Everyone agreed that in a battle between Augie and me, I would WIN!

Here's the turkey all the beans ate. The pig approves.

Here's the home made pumpkin pie the Food Lady made. She wants you to know she roasted the pumpkin herself. No canned pumpkin in this house. But she also said the bad words when she made the crust. On the night before Thanksgiving, you can bet you will hear her grumbling, "I will never be a crust maker! Arrgh!!!" But the beans loved the pie even if the crust doesn't look perfect.

Here's the pecan tart the Food Lady made. One of the beans told her that it was the best pecan tart he'd ever eaten. This made the Food Lady very happy.
You want to know what I had for Thanksgiving Dinner? A can of Purina Pro chicken cat food. Why the beans eat turkey instead of Purina Pro chicken out of a can is a mystery to me. I got the best dinner of all!!!
Thank you for all of your Thanksgiving wishes and visits. It has been cold and stormy here. I am very happy to have this warm and loving Forever Home with good beans who fulfill my every demand.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My New Friends

Hello everyone! Here I am, on my soft spot on the big chair. I am so glad the beans had this chair waiting for me when I came to live here. Once in a while, a bean tries to sit beneath me on the big part of the chair. Uh, that is Cat Space. That person gets a whap! By the way, I haven't grown antlers. Those things that look like they are growing out of my head are flowers.

Here are pictures of a couple of new friends of mine!

This is Augie, the Incredible Champagne Drinking Yappy Dog! He was in Paris when this picture was taken. Some Giant Bean was holding him. Augie is bringing his beans over for Thanksgiving Dinner in a couple of days. His mom bean is the best friend of my Food Lady. My Food Lady says I am 1000 times bigger than Augie the Yappy Dog. She told me to sit on my cat tree and let Augie stand under me and then have fun! I am looking forward to playing tag with Augie and his beans, and all the other beans who are supposed to be here. Of course, I will be the Center of Attention!

Here is a pic of Sneaker the Tuxie Cat and Rascal the black cat. They are my neighbors! Aren't they cute? Maybe they can hear me when I broadcast Radio Jackpot!
I will be posting pictures of the good food my beans make for the big gathering. Hope all of you have happy holidays with your beans too!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Radio Jackpot & Animal Cops At My House!

Ever since I declared that the Food Dude was the Best Person in the Known Universe, there have been no blog posts. This is the Food Lady's job. I whap her every day to remind her to visit my cat pals and tell the cats and beans about my amazing exploits. Maybe I need to whap her some more! Finally, here's a very important update!

Since I can't go outside, I like to sit at the back doors and talk to the kitties and other critters who visit my back yard. There are lots of kitties, squirrels, birds, mice and also racoons. At night, I often sit at the back door and broadcast Radio Jackpot to the neighborhood animals, birds, and beans. I can usually be heard chattering away for several hours in the middle of the night as my night time pals come to visit me and get the latest animal gossip. My animal friends come and tell me what is going on in their part of the neighborhood and I pass it along on Radio Jackpot. I like having this job since I can't go outside and run around with my outdoor friends.

One morning last week, I had to give a cat alert to the other animals and my beans. The beans were home for the day. One of the racoons was lying down in the back yard and it was almost 10 in the morning. This was not right because the racoons only visit at night. The beans saw the racoon get up, walk around and then fall down. Then he went and crawled in the fountain and tried to drink the water there. And then he just stayed in the fountain. The racoon shouldn't have been out in the day time and he shouldn't have been falling down. So the beans called the San Francisco Animal Cops!

The Animal Cops came over right away. There were two very, very brave women animal cops. You can see their picture at the top of this post. They saw that the racoon was sick and needed to be taken away so he could be cared for. The amazing Animal Cops spent about an hour trying to capture the sick racoon. Although Mr. Racoon was very sick, he was still very wily and did everything he could to evade capture by the very nice Animal Cops. I don't understand why he did not want to go with them. He jumped over my fence but they caught him. Then he got away and ran under my shed. Then the Animal Cops spent a lot of time trying to capture him while he was under the shed. They stuck their heads under there. They stuck poles under there. They got him out and in a giant net but he got away again! But the Animal Cops were very tenacious and courageous and strong and they captured Mr. Racoon again. This time, they kept him in the giant net (seen above - along with smiling Animal Cops) and took him away from my back yard.

I knew Mr. Racoon was not feeling good so I am glad I got some help for him. I am glad that the Animal Cops came to help. I stayed out of their way but the beans kept watching them and saying things like, "Wow, they are bad a_____!" And "I wouldn't stick my head under the shed for the racoon!"

Last of all, I watched a lot of baseball this year and I am a proud fan of the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, just like my beloved Food Dude!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Food Dude Is My Person

I love the Food Dude. He is my Number #1 person. He scratches me in just the right places. He is my favorite person to sit on. I worship him. He worships me. I am living the Jackpot life!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Like Pillows & Guido's Mom

Sometimes the Food Dude will lie on the floor. He has a nice set up with a plastic thingie underneath, and two pillows. He also has the cable television control within reach. He warms it up for me. As soon as he gets up, I run over and sit on the pillows. The Food Dude is a good bean. He knows how to take care of a fantastic Mancat like me! I love this warm pillow spot.

Today the US played in the World Cup. The US lost. But I won - as I should - I am Jackpot the Cat, after all. I won because Guido's mom came to visit and she gave me great scratches, brought me peacock feathers and special nip, and gave me lots of attention. I hope she comes back soon.
As you can see, she made me very happy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Daily Whap

Welcome to my Cat Tree! I have located it in the perfect place: where I can keep watch on the back yard if I face one direction, and where I can keep an eye on the beans from the other direction. But the best part of the location of my Cat Tree is that I get to give the Food Lady The Daily Whap! She has to walk by me every morning as she gets ready to start her day. So I've started giving her a daily whap with one of my big man paws every morning. I don't use my claws. I just give her a love whap. It is sort of a game - for me. She says, "No daily whap today." I just wait til a few minutes later and I get her then!! Haha. I am slowly bending all beans who are in this household to my will.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Me and My Homie

Here is a picture of me, with my homie, Ryan. Ryan has been away at college. He came home to visit me. As you can see, we really like each other! He says he's making up a song about me so I can post it on the blog. I can't wait!

Here are the birds of the day. They are trumpet swans. Aren't they pretty?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bird of the Day

Here is a birdie. He was sent to me by the father of one of the Food Lady's best friends who lives in this place. I call him the Birdie Man. He is sending me lots of birdie pictures to look at. I will share them with you. I have to ask the Birdie Man what this birdie is called. Do any of you know? I like having the birdie pictures in my house because I can't get to the birdies outside.

Also, the Food Lady bean wants you all to know that she has been very, very busy with a work project. That is why she hasn't been around to visit your bloggies for me, and why this is the first post for weeks and weeks. I'm putting her back to work. See you all soon!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cats In My House

Look! Look! There are cats in my house. They are big, giant cats! Sometimes they stand up on this table and play. See? There they are now. I want to play too.

Here are some more of the cats in my house. Sometimes I talk to them and they talk back to me. Then I reach my big manpaws up on the TV table and try to whap the kitties. The Food Lady Bean caught me getting ready to jump up and play with the kitties but she told me I have to stay down on the floor and just talk to them. I'll obey that advice just like I obeyed the advice not to jump out the open window! Just wait til she turns her back!
I like to watch the kitties when they are playing on top of the table. I also like it when the birdies are up there too. The birdies in my back yard have been asking me to come out and play with them. Now that they are inside the house, I will have a chance to do that. Don't tell the Food Lady Bean!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Escaped!

Hahaha! The beans had a window open just a tiny, tiny bit. They saw me on the window sill, looking outside at these pretty flowers in my yard. Sometimes I see neighborhood kitties over here too. The beans called me down from the window and closed it even more. But then I did a magic trick! I jumped back up on the window sill. The Food Lady Bean was getting a drink of water and I just squeezed through the little opening and jumped down!!! Uh, it was a lot farther down than I thought. The Food Lady Bean ran outside and the Food Dude Bean ran to the door closest to me to let me in. First I tried to jump back up inside the house through the window. But it was very, very far and I could not leap that high. Then I cried for a few seconds and got scared. Then I went inside where the Food Dude Bean had opened the door.

Here I am contemplating my escape. I think I will stay inside for a while.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Joyful Jackpot

Do I look like a happy mancat?

Have you ever noticed my big mancat paws and claws? Aren't they pawsome?!!

I love the feather toy. Sometimes the beans leave it hanging from a chair at night. Then, in the morning, they find it in a totally new place! I am Master of the feather toy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by MomBean Jacqueline and her kitties, Calle, Halle, and Sukki! This is the first time I have ever been tagged, so I am very excited. This is the 10th picture tag game. I had to find the tenth picture that was ever taken of me. And I have to tell the story of this picture.
Since I just got to my forever home, it was easy to find this picture. It was taken on my cat tree on March 4, 2010. I had only lived in my new home for two weeks when this picture was taken. I was happy on my cat tree, but still a bit embarrassed about my surgery scars and missing tabby furs. And I think I was still a little bit worried about whether this was really my true forever home.
I have a big, smiley face these days, and my fur is growing back. I'll show you all a picture this weekend. Thank you Jacqueline (what a pretty pic of you in Aruba!!), and Calle, Halle, and Sukki. What great new CB pals you have become!
I have to tag some other kitties for this game. They are:
Mickey, Tillie and Georgia (good luck with this task, Mickey!!!)
Have fun, kitties!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Guard Cat, Watch Cat

Hi kitties! I'm here on my guard cat, watch cat location in the front of my house. It is very comfy and gives me a good view of all the cats, dogs, people and cars that are on my street. You never know when one of them might try to come in the house and interrupt my Food Lady Bean when she is petting me or feeding me or adoring me. I'm keeping track of every single animal, person and vehicle so I know how and when to protect her!

Uh oh! Loud car zooming down street! Dogs on street! I need my cell phone so I can save their pics and send them to other cats so they can beware too! Stay inside, Food Lady.

The biggest danger for my Food Lady might be the BACK YARD. There are many menaces lurking there, especially Slinky the Interloper Cat from next door. He keeps eating our nip. There are also fast flying birds who makes lots of noise. And giant trees. There's a lot for me to keep track of back here. My guard cat/watch cat job is keeping me very busy. I have to run very fast between my posts so that I don't miss anything important.
That is why I need MORE FOOD. Do you think the Food Lady got the hint?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perpetually Perplexed

See my tail? I always have a question. That is why I am perpetually perplexed!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Terror Tabby Thursday

I am a big, giant wildcat! I can crawl through my cat tree in mere seconds because my mancat legs are so strong and my paws are so big! I can scratch my cat tree just like a jungle tiger with my big mancat claws! I could also scratch the big palm tree outside the back door if the beans would let me!!!! I am so big and wild that the neighbor cats just sit on the fence at the end of the yard and cower in fear of my wild mancatliness.

Here is another example of what a good wildcat I am. I captured this giant green mousie. He is all mine now. This picture shows what giant mancat paws I have.

One reason I am such a wildcat is because I have decided it is my job to guard the Food Lady Bean. When she is sitting on the couch, I sit next to her and stare at the front door, just in case she needs me to protect her from interloper beans. I can also show my giant wildcat paw to anyone who tries to take the television devices away from her. For some reason, the Food Dude Bean seems to disagree with this situation. One day soon he may have to deal with the Paw of Respect!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is a picture showing how I am feeling about my new forever home today. What do you think?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things I Have Learned

Hi kitties and beans. Here I am in my new forever home. Now you can see what I look like after my surgeries. You can understand why I was worried about getting to go home with some good beans. It will take a while for my coat to grow back and then I will be one suave and debonair mancat! One thing I have learned: I like having my picture taken. All the better for you to see my mancatliness in all its glory.

Other things I have learned:

1. It is small leap up onto the kitchen counter - where food is prepared.

2. It is an even smaller leap to the top of the dining table - where food is eaten!

3. I am not supposed to be on top of the kitchen counter or the dining table.

4. Every sound of a can being opened sounds like it must have cat food inside.

5. In my opinion, every can being opened does have cat food inside.

6. In the beans' opinion, #5 is not true.

7. I like all kinds of cat toys, especially the feather toy.

8. I like my cat tree. Here you can see me sitting in it and looking at my back yard. I love looking at my back yard. I am practicing running to the back door, so when it opens, I can escape.

9. The V-E-T told me today that it would be immoral for me to escape and go outside because I am sick and might make other kitties sick if I had a fight with them. I still want to go outside. The beans say, NO!

10. I will look at other kitty blogs and see what it looks like outdoors at your places so I don't want to run outside so much.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm on the SPCA Website!

Look at this! The people who took care of me at the adoption center and the SPCA in San Francisco put my blog on their website! Is that cool or what? I hope you can see this.

See the website

Scroll down and you will see my picture. Read the comments. Someone didn't know that there is a cat blogosphere! Imagine that!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Jackpot the Cat!

Dear Cats and People of the Cat Blogosphere,

Greetings! My name is Jackpot. I have a new forever home with the People who were so very well trained by the beloved Halloween the Cat.

I was adopted from Maddie's Adoption Center at the San Francisco SPCA on Saturday, February 20, 2010. I was born on January 9, 2006 (blogger wouldn't let me blog using my real date of birth! how cruel!) and lived in the wild west town of Elko, Nevada. I ended up in a shelter there and then came to the San Francisco adoption center on January 7, 2010, just before my 4th birthday. When I came to San Francisco, I needed lots of love and medical care. I am FIV+. I had two surgeries to repair hernias caused by bad woofie bites. I may have been roaming around the streets of Elko for a while.

The people at Maddie's Adoption Center and the SF SPCA took really good care of me and nursed me back to health. They called me Tang! I am a big orange tabby guy. Lots of people there were very kind to me and liked me very much. My on line profile said I was a staff favorite.

Last Saturday, two people came to visit me in my cat condo. The man sat down on the floor and I crawled right into his lap. A few minutes later, I went over and snuggled with the lady. Then I played with a cat toy for them. (Yes, I can perform tricks if necessary!) Half of my coat is missing because of my surgeries so I was worried that I was not handsome enough to be taken to a forever home. The man and lady left for a little while and I wondered what happened.

They went and told the adoption people they wanted to give me a forever home! They told me that the staff people who helped with the adoption all said, "You're taking Tang?!! He's the best! We love Tang! We were worried he wouldn't find a home because he's FIV+." One of the helpers went and looked at Halloween's blog so she could see more about the people who were taking me home. They were all very happy and excited for me.

I have been here for a few days now and I like this place and my people very much! I am still settling in. The people were calling me Tang, but then the Man told me, "You hit the jackpot when we brought you home!" He liked calling me Jackpot because I came from gambling land and because I now have a forever home where I will always be The Winner. So now you know why I have this new name.

I am grateful to Halloween who left secret instructions around the house for me about how to make the Man and Lady behave.

I look forward to making new friends on the CB and finding my way in my forever home. I am a lucky cat indeed - and so are these People.

Thanks to Milton for helping the Tech Dunce Lady set up this blog.

Also, I met Slinky the Interloper cat who was standing outside my back door. I cannot go outside because of my medical condition. I told him that the cat vacancy had been filled.