Monday, May 31, 2010

Me and My Homie

Here is a picture of me, with my homie, Ryan. Ryan has been away at college. He came home to visit me. As you can see, we really like each other! He says he's making up a song about me so I can post it on the blog. I can't wait!

Here are the birds of the day. They are trumpet swans. Aren't they pretty?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bird of the Day

Here is a birdie. He was sent to me by the father of one of the Food Lady's best friends who lives in this place. I call him the Birdie Man. He is sending me lots of birdie pictures to look at. I will share them with you. I have to ask the Birdie Man what this birdie is called. Do any of you know? I like having the birdie pictures in my house because I can't get to the birdies outside.

Also, the Food Lady bean wants you all to know that she has been very, very busy with a work project. That is why she hasn't been around to visit your bloggies for me, and why this is the first post for weeks and weeks. I'm putting her back to work. See you all soon!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cats In My House

Look! Look! There are cats in my house. They are big, giant cats! Sometimes they stand up on this table and play. See? There they are now. I want to play too.

Here are some more of the cats in my house. Sometimes I talk to them and they talk back to me. Then I reach my big manpaws up on the TV table and try to whap the kitties. The Food Lady Bean caught me getting ready to jump up and play with the kitties but she told me I have to stay down on the floor and just talk to them. I'll obey that advice just like I obeyed the advice not to jump out the open window! Just wait til she turns her back!
I like to watch the kitties when they are playing on top of the table. I also like it when the birdies are up there too. The birdies in my back yard have been asking me to come out and play with them. Now that they are inside the house, I will have a chance to do that. Don't tell the Food Lady Bean!