Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Is A Cat Toy!

Look at the big green tree that the beans put inside the house for me to play with! I am checking it out. Hmmm.

The tree smells good! It passes the Jackpot smell test.

Oh, the Food Dude is doing something to the tree. If the Food Dude is involved with the tree, I approve!

The beans are staring at the tree and giving it a lot of attention. I better sit right in front of it.

There are packages under the tree now. The beans are excited about the packages. I will sit under the tree so they will be excited about me too. It is nice and warm under the tree.

Ah yes, this is a good place for a cat. The beans think I am just napping under the tree. Actually, I am checking out the hanging things to see which one I should whap. So many choices!

Now I am walking away from the tree so the beans think I don't care about all the whapping toys I have identified.

Hahaha! I found the best whap toy of all. The beans came home and found me whapping this toy around. This whap toy was hanging on the tree. They call him Santa. I got Santa off the tree all by myself and taught him a lesson. Nothing on the tree is safe from my paws!

Oops. Santa is dead on the floor now. I whapped him up, down, and all around. Santa is just a cat toy now. I like the green tree and all the hanging toys. Christmas is for cats! Merry Christmas to all the cats and beans!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

House of Sads

Today I am having the Sads. The whole house has the Sads. The Food Dude has the Sads. The Food Lady has the Gigantic Sads. Her eyes have been leaking all day. It is a sads time.

We are all having The Sads because one of the most famous and best cats in the entire universe had to go to the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago - Rocky the Gutter Cat. I did not know Rocky personally but my beans did and they loved him very, very much. That is why they have the leaky eyes. They told me I wouldn't have a blog if not for Rocky. So I am feeling sad along with them.

The beans told me that Rocky was the very special friend of Halloween The Cat. This is a picture of Halloween. She lived in this house before me and she was here for many years. The beans loved her very, very much too. Sometimes I can smell her around the house. Halloween was one of Rocky's spicy vixens. Halloween went to the Bridge a while before I came to live here. Rocky and Halloween were so close, so the beans have the Sads thinking about Halloween too. But they told me Halloween was waiting right on the other side of the Bridge to welcome Rocky and take good care of him. Here is a picture of Halloween taken at Christmas last year. She was a very pretty cat. She talked alot. She is talking in this picture!

This is Halloween sleeping under last year's Christmas tree. The beans were going to use this picture for a Christmas card this year but the Food Lady said it would make her miss Halloween too much if she had to sign her name on lots and lots of cards and see her missing kitty under the tree. So instead we will have her on the blog and everyone can remember what a sweet cat she was. I am having the sads along with the beans, but tomorrow I will try to make them happy beans again. I hope you will stop by Rocky's blog if you haven't already and let his family know you share their sorrow.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am I Part Jackrabbit?

See Jackrabbit. See Jackrabbit's giant hind paws! See Jackrabbit JUMP!

See Jackpot. See Jackpot's giant hind paws! See Jackpot dream of jumping on the Christmas tree..... The beans have been discussing this and they think I can't hear them. I'm taking lessons from my pal Jackrabbit, above. Hey, we even have the same name! Do you think we might be related?