Saturday, December 24, 2011

Was I Naughty Or Nice?

   Last year was my first Christmas with my new beans. Maybe you remember that I killed Santa. Oops! He was just sitting there on the tree waiting to be whapped.

   This year when the tree went up, I just parked myself underneath it to prove that I am the best Christmas Cat ever. Plus, I was looking for Santa. I think he's farther up on the tree this year. Those other whapping toys just don't have the same appeal.

  Here I am hypnotizing the beans: Purina One, Purina One, Purina One.

   Who could resist this adorable man cat's Christmas wishes?
    Merry Christmas my cat and bean friends. Here's some music to take you into the new year. It's called Skippy Rhodes - a song about home and the heart.

P.S. Accept no substitutes! Especially woofies. I am the original Jackpot. There's a dog on television who is trying to steal my identity! Don't be confused. He's a dog for catsakes.