Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Warning! Insulting Cat Cartoon!

  Look at this disgusting cartoon! Someone sent it to the Food Lady. Do you know any dogs? If they are telling you this, time for the Paw of Death.


  1. Well Poop on Them's Pillows.
    How rude is that woofie.
    I don't like that woofie's attitude at all.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: Fortunately, I's haffed grrreat woofies in mine life. But I don't like that woofie at all.

  2. Maybe the woofie isn't smart enough to stay out of trouble the kitty wouldn't go near and has to be on a leash for his own safety! Some can be so deluded!

  3. Woofies don't have a good sense of humor.

  4. cats are always cute and humble in nature.its very easy to attach them with-others, they are very friendly....
    Pop Art